Dental Checkup

Dental Checkup

A dental checkup is a regular visit to the dentist to get your oral health assessed. At Robert Baker Dentistry in Mesa, AZ, we will evaluate your mouth, teeth, gums, and soft tissues for any problems or diseases. Dental checkups are also known as preventative care and are an effective way to maintain good oral health.

What Does a Dental Checkup Cover?

During a dental checkup, we will conduct a full oral exam of your teeth and mouth. During the exam, we will:

  • Examine your mouth for signs of tooth decay or periodontal disease. 
  • Examine your gums for signs of bleeding or inflammation.
  • Examine your teeth for signs of cavities or cracks. 
  • Examine the soft tissue of your mouth for signs of lumps or masses.
  • Fully examine your bite to ensure that all your teeth are intact.
  • Use dental X-rays to detect hidden problems and assess oral health. 
  • Instruct you on ways to improve your oral health at home. 
  • Make any necessary treatment recommendations. 
  • Provide fluoride treatment and topical fluoride application.

Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups at Robert Baker Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

The goal of regular dental checkups is to maintain optimal oral health and prevent dental problems from developing in the first place. Our experienced dentist will perform a complete exam to check your mouth for any signs of dental problems or issues that may need attention. If any damage is found during the examination, our dentist will offer the appropriate treatment, including fillings, root canals, or extractions if necessary. The other benefits of regular dental checkups include:

  • Dental checkups help prevent tooth loss caused by cavities or periodontal disease by detecting and treating decay or inflammation as soon as possible. 
  • Regular dental checkups also help detect other dental issues that may not be visible to patients, such as tumors, cysts, gum diseases, and other oral conditions, before they cause severe pain or discomfort.
  • Dental checkups can detect oral cancer early on when it is easier to treat before it progresses into advanced stages. 
  • Dental checkups help identify any gum recession before it affects the teeth’s ability to hold on to their roots or results in tooth loss.
  • Regular dental checkups also help identify gingivitis or periodontal diseases early on when they are easier to treat before they progress into more serious stages with more significant symptoms such as tooth loss.  
  • Dental checkups also provide an opportunity for patients to discuss any concerns they have about their oral health with our dentist, who will offer suggestions on how it can be treated.

How Often Should I Get a Regular Dental Checkup?

You should get a dental checkup at least twice every year or as often as your dentist recommends.

Schedule an appointment at Robert Baker Dentistry to learn more about regular dental checkups. We are located at 1927 N Gilbert Rd Ste 12, Mesa, AZ 85203. Contact us at (480) 461-9944 or visit our website to book an appointment.


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