General & Family Dentistry

Robert Baker Dentistry is a family dental practice, dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthy mouth and smile at every stage of life. Our experienced dentist and team provide a wide range of dental services to meet your oral health needs, and will work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan. We invite you to call us at 480-461-9944 to make an appointment and learn more about general and family dentistry in Mesa, Arizona.

What is general and family dentistry?

General and family dentistry refers to the branch of dentistry that focuses on providing comprehensive oral healthcare for individuals of all ages, from children to adults. It encompasses a wide range of preventive, diagnostic and restorative treatments to maintain oral health and address common dental issues.

General dental treatments provided at our office

Our experienced dentist and team offer a wide range of dental treatments to meet your needs, including:

When you visit our office, we will work closely with you to understand your oral health needs, help you understand your treatment options and create individualized treatment plans for you.

The importance of routine dental visits

Routine dental visits are essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing dental problems. They offer several benefits, including:

  • Early detection of dental issues like cavities, gum disease and oral cancer, enabling timely treatment and preventing complications.
  • Professional dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Personalized oral hygiene guidance, helping patients improve their home care routines for better oral health.
  • Monitoring the development of children’s teeth and addressing any concerns early on.
  • Building a strong dentist-patient relationship, leading to better communication and more effective treatment planning.
  • Saving your time and money in the long run, as preventing dental problems or diagnosing them early can help you avoid the need for more extensive, costly and time-consuming treatments in the future.

We recommend that you visit our dentist and team every six months to receive routine preventive care.

Emergency dental care

We encourage you to contact our office if you experience a dental emergency. Emergency dental care involves immediate treatment for dental issues that require urgent attention to relieve pain, prevent further damage or address a critical situation. Examples of dental emergencies include severe toothache, knocked-out teeth, broken or chipped teeth and injuries to the mouth or jaw. Seeking prompt dental care in emergencies can prevent complications and preserve oral health.

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