If you have lost multiple teeth, our dentist may recommended overdentures to help you regain your smile. Also known as “snap on” dentures, this implant-supported solution can give you back a healthy, attractive and confident smile. Call our team today at 480-461-9944 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Robert Baker and learn more about overdentures in Mesa, Arizona.

What are overdentures?

Overdentures are an implant-supported replacement for your missing teeth. They consist of a denture which is connected to strategically-placed dental implants to secure it in your mouth. The denture “snaps on” to those implants to restore your smile, oral health and oral function. Snap-on dentures typically require only two implants, though depending on your individual needs, our dentist may recommend that additional implants be placed. The nature of this restoration makes it easy for you to insert and remove your denture as needed for daily cleaning to maintain your appliance.

What are the benefits of overdentures?

Advantages of an overdenture include:

  • A more comfortable appliance – the attachments of your appliance prevent your denture from pressing down too hard on your gumline, helping you avoid discomfort or gum problems
  • Increased oral function and comfort over traditional removable dentures
  • Increased stability for your appliance – because they are anchored on implants, your dentures will not come loose or “float” in your mouth
  • Improved confidence from your renewed appearance
  • A restored ability to eat and speak normally

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