Children’s Dentistry

Our friendly and experienced dentist and team are happy to welcome children to our office. Our goal is to help your child feel at ease in the dental office so they can have positive experiences while receiving the care they need to enjoy a healthy mouth and smile. Call 480-461-9944 now to make your child’s appointment with Dr. Robert Baker and learn more about children’s dentistry in Mesa, Arizona.

When should children visit the dentist for the first time?

Children should visit the dentist for the first time by the age of 1 or within six months of their first tooth eruption. This early visit, known as a “well-baby checkup,” allows us to monitor your child’s oral health, provide you with essential guidance on dental care, and establish a positive and comfortable relationship between your child and the dental environment from an early age.

Here at Robert Baker Dentistry, we are happy to welcome children and provide them with the care they need, but we may recommend that you bring them to a pediatric specialist depending on their comfort levels and their ability to tolerate treatment.

When will my baby start getting teeth?

Your child’s primary, or baby, teeth will start to erupt between the ages of 6 and 12 months of age. The process of teething is often uncomfortable for children, leading to some fussiness and irritability. You can help alleviate your child’s discomfort by gently massaging their gums or using chilled teething rings.

Why are primary teeth important?

Primary teeth play a vital role in a child’s oral health and development. Even though they eventually fall out to make way for permanent teeth, primary teeth serve several crucial functions:

  • Proper chewing: Primary teeth enable children to chew food thoroughly, aiding in proper digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Speech development: These teeth play a role in helping children learn to speak and pronounce words correctly.
  • Maintaining space: Primary teeth save space for the permanent teeth, guiding them into their correct positions as they grow.
  • Boosting confidence: A healthy smile contributes to a child’s self-esteem and confidence in social interactions.

What is the best way to care for my child’s teeth?

Proper dental care for children starts as soon as the first tooth emerges. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your child’s oral health:

  • Begin cleaning early: After the first tooth appears, gently clean it with a soft, damp cloth or a baby-sized toothbrush. As more teeth come in, switch to using a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Implement a routine: Encourage regular brushing at least twice a day, usually in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Flossing: Once adjacent teeth start touching, introduce flossing to remove food particles and plaque between teeth.
  • Healthy diet: Limit sugary snacks and beverages, promoting a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and dairy products that aid in dental health.
  • Regular dental checkups: Schedule regular visits with our dentist every six months for checkups and professional cleanings. These visits can prevent dental issues and instill good oral hygiene habits.

By following these guidelines and fostering a positive attitude towards dental care, parents can help ensure their child’s oral health is off to a strong start, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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