Intraoral Cameras

Our dentist may use an intraoral camera to examine your mouth and provide your treatments. This camera makes it possible for Dr. Robert Baker to view your entire mouth in detail, including those areas that are otherwise impossible to reach. Call 480-461-9944 today to schedule an appointment and learn more about intraoral cameras in Mesa, Arizona!

What are intraoral cameras?

Intraoral cameras are advanced dental imaging devices designed to capture high-resolution, real-time images of the inside of a patient’s mouth. Shaped like a small wand with a built-in camera, they allow dentists to navigate easily within the oral cavity, capturing detailed visuals of teeth, gums and other oral structures. The images obtained are instantly displayed on a computer screen, offering both our dentist and you a clear view of your oral health and current dental condition.

When are intraoral cameras used?

Intraoral cameras have revolutionized the world of dental care, allowing our dentist and team to offer you a new level of precision and engagement, and foster a deeper understanding of oral health. Our dentist may use an intraoral camera to:

  • Perform comprehensive examinations
  • Diagnose dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease
  • Assist in patient education
  • Provide and follow-up on restorative treatments, periodontal procedures and oral health assessments

How intraoral cameras improve communication

In addition to helping our dentist diagnose and treat developing problems, intraoral cameras are also a great tool for communication. They allow you to see and understand what is happening in your mouth, and our team can send the captured images to other dentists, specialists and insurance companies as needed to ensure better communication and consistent treatment.

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