When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary

Although extractions are usually a last resort, there are times when they are necessary. A tooth may need to be extracted for a number of reasons, including severe decay, infection, injury, or crowding. If the tooth cannot be restored, then extraction may be the best option. 

A Tooth That is Broken Beyond Repair 

Extraction is often required if the tooth’s decay or trauma is too severe for a filling, crown, or other restoration. In these cases, preserving the original tooth is no longer an option. In addition, if a wisdom tooth is impacted, the tooth will become infected and cause a number of oral health problems. To prevent these issues, dentists may recommend an extraction. 

Severely Decayed Teeth 

If a tooth has severe decay, it will not heal on its own and will likely result in extraction at some point. A tooth that is severely decayed, or broken below its gum line, will require some type of restoration to protect it from further damage or infection in the future. An extraction may also be necessary in cases when a root canal is performed on a tooth that cannot support a crown because of excessive damage. While a tooth extraction is preferable to having an infection spread, it may require a replacement for the missing tooth in the form of a dental implant, bridge, partial dentures, or full dentures. 

ImpactedWisdom Teeth 

When the teeth are not aligned properly, they must be extracted to prevent future complications. Also, if the wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that they are trapped against another tooth and cannot fully erupt from below the gum line, extraction is often the best option. In these cases, the teeth are at risk of developing an infection or becoming severely decayed, and they can also become painful or problematic for chewing food. 

If the impacted wisdom hasn’t caused any pain yet, don’t wait too long to have them removed. Although you might not feel symptoms until your late teen or adult years, extracting them early can prevent long-term problems from occurring. 

Following a tooth extraction, you may need to wait a few days before you return to your regular activities. The dentist may prescribe pain medication so that you feel comfortable as you heal. You should also avoid smoking or using tobacco products during the recovery period as they can interfere with healing and cause unwanted side effects like dry sockets. 

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